Manufacturing Technology

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Engineering Support

We can help finalize your design idea into technically perfect parts and assemblies. Tell us about your custom metal project and our engineers will work with you to bring your idea to life. We love a good challenge. Call to speak directly to an engineer or send us an email or fax to 715-848-2223

Reputation for innovation and excellence

.We manufacture the highest quality metal and wood products. Our carefully engineered lines of metals have unlimited uses. Over the past three decades, we have established a reputation for flexibility, innovation, and superior quality, and earned the approval of some the nation's leading manufacturers.

Flexible delivery to meet your needs

Do you need deliveries to be scheduled within a certain window, or do you need them to be flexible based on your production schedules? We can evaluate your delivery needs and create a routing that delivers at the time that best suits your requirements. Give us a call tell us what you need. We are happy to accommodate